About Women Who Rock Their Roles

The Women Who Rock Their Roles (WWRTR) is a project of M.G. Ballard Designs Essential Elements Collection, Vera Moore Cosmetics, and InnerVisions Magazine. The project aims to tell the stories of women across the country who represent excellence in what they do in their roles as professionals. However, most importantly, it recognizes them for the work they do in their communities to give back ~ especially with efforts to improve the lives of other women and children.   

The project culminates in a one-hour special, taped in New York - a production of a A Name to Know, hosted by Alicia Figueras Lambert.  The women selected to will serve as models for a professional fashion photo shoot with makeup by Vera Moore Cosmetics and wearing garments from the Essential Elements Collection. The photos will be used in a special Women Who Rock Their Roles Fashion and Beauty Campaign by M.G. Ballard Designs and Vera Moore Cosmetics. Additionally, the photos will accompany their stories which will be featured in the March 2021 Issue of InnerVisions Magazine.  



Women Who Rock Their Roles

The special will feature the Women Who Rock Their Roles, their stories, their work, their lives, their passions. You'll get a chance to see them at work and in the studio after a special makeover provided by Vera Moore Cosmetics. The special will be a production of A Name to Know.


A Name to Know is  a premier media platform showcasing celebrities, top corporate CEO's, small business owners, not-for-profit organizations inventors, and young entrepreneurs. The show's purpose is to highlight successful journeys in an effort to be an inspiration for viewers. 

Alicia Figueras Lambert - A Name to Know

Television producer, host, publisher, teacher, advocate - Alicia Figueras-Lambert has worn many hats and served in many roles.  Her self-described "eclectic" background has included being a retired veteran/drug interdiction agent, and running for New York State Governor (2010). 


One   of Alicia’s greatest passions is the welfare of children whose parents are incarcerated. While working at Rikers and Nassau County Maximum Security Jails as a teacher of cognitive behavior, she witnessed the affect incarceration had on the children, and saw that it was   particularly hard during the Christmas season. Through her company, Excellence in Success, she produces several programs each year with proceeds used to  purchase toys and other items to be given at Christmas to children of incarcerated  parents. Wishing to extend support to these children beyond the holiday season, she founded C.H.E.L.A. 4 Kids, a non-profit organization that is working to establish peer to peer support groups across the state.

Alicia’s parents taught her that if you can’t be a tree, then be the best bush around. So, to follow her parent’s teachings, she has worked hard to touch many populations through her efforts to give back. Her publication “InnerVisions,” celebrates the spirit of altruism, and recognizes others in the community who do the same. 


Marva G. Ballard - Essential Elements Collection

Marva G. Ballard has been designing professionally for over 36 years under the label M.G. Ballard Designs, established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1980. The designer has moved operations as she has moved about in her multi-faceted career an artist,  designer and educator. She relocated from Indianapolis to Tuskegee, AL  in 1987 to teach Fashion Merchandising at Tuskegee University. Returning  to full-time work as a designer in 1999, she began selling through retailers across the country.

She is best known for her Signature Collection of leather wearable and decorative art owned by many celebrities and  professional men and women across the country.  As a fine artist, she  incorporates leather and other textiles in developing mixed media  pieces. She also works as a graphic artist creating works for print as  well as other wearables. 

In 2011 she began offering the Essential Elements Collection of knit apparel.  The Collection is made-to-order in the US and provides opportunities for young single mothers to earn income. Their hours are flexible, designed to wrap around the hours they need to attend school so they can better their lives and those of their  children.  Read more at


Vera Moore - Vera Moore Cosmetics

CEO,  Vera Moore former actress turned  entrepreneur is President & CEO of the highly competitive family owned business, Vera Moore Cosmetics.  Over the past 5 years Vera has  built one of the most progressive and prestigious cosmetics and skincare lines for the global market.

Vera was contracted on national television as one of the first black actresses on the soap opera “Another World” NBC where she portrayed “Linda Metcalf” for ten years. She immediately realized the void in the market for quality products for women of color, specifically a natural looking foundation that didn’t rub off on your clothes. This gave birth to Vera Moore Cosmetics. 

Her journey has led to national recognition on the covers of Black Enterprise Magazine, Network Journal’s 25 Influential Black Women in Business, Networking Women, featured in the Wall Street Journal,  Upscale  Magazine, Beauty Store Business, received the Success Stories  Award  from Volvo Cars of North America, has hosted her own half hour radio  segment “Skin Deep & Moore on WWRL Radio and featured in  Black Enterprise’s Book Collection - "Against All Odds”. She holds many credits for other television programs and Broadway shows including the Tony Award winning Broadway Musical “Purlie Victorious. Read more at


For the Girls of our Villages

Bishop  Desmond Tutu is quoted as saying “If we are going to see real  development in the world then our best investment is women.” 

Research  tells us that investing in the welfare and development of women  benefits not only the women themselves but changes the trajectory of  their families and the well-being of their communities. Research also  tells us that the earlier we begin that investment the better.   Considering this, we must embrace and guide the girls in our villages.   We must help them build their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth,  help them recognize their gifts, expose them to their possibilities, and  help them set a course for an education that will lead them to  prosperity. Additionally, we must help them develop the resilience they  will need to stay strong through the changes and adversity they will  surely face.


Within  our villages there are girls like Oprah Winfrey, who was fired from her  first job as a news anchor for being too emotionally involved in the  stories she reported. However, when they made her the host of a little  talk show that was doing poorly in the ratings, just to let her ride out  her contract, she found her seat of greatness and followed a path that  changed the trajectory of her life. But her success also changed the  trajectory of the lives of so many more, including the girls being  educated at her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Within our  villages there are other girls like J.K Rowling, who went from being a  single mother on welfare to a best-selling author and billionaire with  her Harry Potter books and film franchise. Her philanthropic efforts  combat poverty and social inequality as well as provide funds for other  organizations that aid children, one-parent families, and multiple  sclerosis research. Within our village there are other girls like Ieshia  Champs, the single mother of five who, against all possible odds, at  the age of 33, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Law School, and soon after  passed the bar exam.


These  women are examples of why we recognize the women who not only excel in  their professions, but accept the opportunity to be role models, and  actively pave the way for others by sharing their time, talent and  resources. In  addition, we recognize them because they are willing to share their  raw, honest “stories” - the stories that provide encouragement by demonstrating that setbacks, challenges, even tragedies, don’t have  to mean the end of the journey or the inability to reach a goal. To us,  these are the Women Who Rock Their Roles!

~ Marva G. Ballard